New Table Lamps for Summer 2024

New Table Lamps for Summer 2024

We are excited to feature three cordless lamp designs along with three more traditional, glazed ceramic table lamps in our shop.  

As the need for indoor outdoor lighting continues to grow, we are pleased to meet client needs with the Tawa, Kandella and Doppia each available in three finishes (white, black and brass).  These lights are rechargeable, weather resistant and attractive for use on a porch as well as a desk.  Our clients see the potential to use rechargeable, cordless lamps everywhere!

Tawa Rechargeable Cordless Lamp in brass

Kandela Rechargeable Table Lamp Black | Newport Lamp And Shade | Located in Newport, RI

Kandella in black 


Doppia Rechargeable Cordless Lamp in brass


Providing a curated selection of attractive and practical table lamps is a high priority with the Newport Lamp & Shade Company.  In addition to the new cordless lamps, there are three table lamps that expand our collection in size and shape - Capri, Lycee and Pompeii - as well as shades of blue.  Blue lamps are great for all design styles and a neutral that can be dressed with any number of shades. 

Capri Table Lamp in Pale Blue shown with a New Grasscloth in Tan lamp shade 

 Lycee Table Lamp in Celadon shown with a Fermoie Linen in Ivory lamp shade

Pompeii Table Lamp in Midnight shown with a Shirred Ikat in Blue lamp shade


Browse the entire lighting collection online or better yet - plan your visit to Newport Lamp and Shade!  Have questions?  Text us for personalized, one-on-one service:  401.450.5706.  


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