Newport Lamp & Shade Newsletter

Northeast Lantern is in the shop!
Our exterior lighting options have expanded at Newport Lamp and Shade Company; six best selling fixtures make up our new display of Northeast Lantern outdoor fixtures in the shop.  All of these fixtures are made in the USA and handcrafted to last.  Browse the...
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Brighten Your Home with the Best Patterned Lamp Shades

This blog explores the benefits of using patterned lamp shades to enhance home decor. It covers top trends like vintage, nature-inspired, and geometric patterns, and provides tips on choosing the best lamp shade for your home. Illuminate your space with style and personality using the best patterned lamp shades.

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Illuminating Your Space: The Charm of Paper Lamps
Discover the charm of paper lamps and why Newport Lamp and Shade is the best place to find the perfect paper lampshade. Learn about our quality craftsmanship, customization options, and exceptional customer service. Illuminate your space with style and elegance.
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