Lampshades 101

How do you know what the "right size" lampshade is for your lamp? 
A good rule of thumb is that the lampshade should be approximately twice the width of the lamp and about 1/3 the height. This is just a suggestion. We are big believers in the "it just looks right" method.Lampshade Proportions Method
After following these guidelines, does your new lampshade look too short or too tall? Try adjusting the hardware so that it sits lower down (or higher up) on the lamp. For instance - swap out the lamp harp, or if possible adjust the mechanism on your lamp. The difference between all wrong and the perfect fit might just be a new harp. Harps come in a range of sizes and we are happy to send them to you! 

Keep reading for more Lampshade Basics! 

 How to Measure a Lampshade
Top Diameter x Bottom Diameter x Slant
for example: 10" x 14" x  9"
Lampshade Dimensions Diagram
Lampshade Fitter Styles

Most lampshades we sell are equipped with a U.S. fitter, also called a washer & spider or a harp fitters. These are the most common type of lampshade fitters sold in the United States.   They are designed to sit on a harp or lamp post.     
Lampshade Fitter
Lamp Harp and Finial Diagram.                      Lampshade Post Diagram
Lampshades 6" or smaller are usually equipped with a candle-clip fitter. Often times designed for sconces or chandeliers.
Candle Clip Lampshade Diagram
Planning a visit for a new lampshade?
Please bring your lamp with you and we will help you select a new lampshade.  
Too far away to visit? Please contact us.
We speak lampshade and are happy to help! 
A text message or email with a photo of your lamp is a great place to start.

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