Lighting & Lampshade Safety

It is important to handle all lighting and lampshades with care. The following are suggestions only and may not apply to your specific light or lampshade. 

We recommend that you turn off and unplug any lighting before handling, moving, changing the light bulb or changing the lampshade.

We recommend maintaining an adequate distance between the light bulb and lampshade. Some lamps and light bulbs can generate heat and ensuring some distance, generally a few inches at least, between the light bulb and the lampshade is often safer and can improve the life expectancy of your lampshade. 

Remove the plastic wrap from lampshades before installing on your light, especially before turning on the light. It is also important to keep any plastic away from children.*

Remember, these are suggestions. Consult the manufacturer of your light or a lighting professional for advice. 

*Please keep in mind our Terms & Conditions. Lampshades in their original condition and plastic wrap may be returned for store credit.