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Mola Sasa Kuna Cushion (MS08)

Mola Sasa Kuna Cushion (MS08)

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A limited edition of cushions from Mola Sasa!  With their unique and eye catching juxtaposition of patterns and colors, Mola Sasa has repurposed some of the most coveted Kuna textiles from their SS20 Collection to create these fun and playful styles. 


Pillows are sold individually. 
All wear, mending, and imperfections are unique to the original fabric.
Dimensions 20" x 20"

More about Mola Sasa
Mola Sasa specializes in creating accessories made from and inspired by Colombian-sourced historical techniques and natural fibers. This new collection translates the work of their artisan partners in the Kuna community into a new category that you will be able to contemplate everyday: cushions.

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