Fermoie Lampshades: Everything You Need to Know

Fermoie Lampshades: Everything You Need to Know

What is Fermoie? 

Fermoie is a textile company founded in 2012 by Tom Helme and Martin Ephson. (Two names that are well known in the design industry - Helme and Ephson are the creative minds behind the success of paint and wallpaper company Farrow & Ball.)  In addition to textiles, Fermoie offers a range of lighting, cushions and of course - a wonderful range of incredible lampshades. 

What makes Fermoie so special? 

All of the patterns and colorations at Fermoie are created in-house by their very own design team, making them exclusive to Fermoie.  In addition, the fabrics are printed in-house, ensuring precision and quality, using rotary screens. Employing this technique results in a richer, more textural impression that is not seen with digitally printed fabrics.

A Stack of Fermoie 4.5" Lampshades in a Range of Colors

Tell me about the Lampshades!

Fermoie lampshades are hand-sewn at their very own factory in Marlborough, in the English county of Wiltshire, about 75 miles west of London. The lampshades feature a classic gathered pleat and are made from their exclusive designs printed on 100% linen sheer and balloon lined in cream cotton, matching the frame color. 

A display of colorful Fermoie fabric lampsahdes

How many sizes and colors are available? 

Fermoie lampshades are available in 54 colorways and 15 standard sizes ranging from 4.5 inch all the way up to 24 inch - all in classic proportions. These sizes refer to the bottom diameter of the lampshade. The 4.5" and 6" lampshades are made with a candle-clip fitter - perfect for wall sconces and chandeliers. Sizes 8" and up are made with standard American fitters designed to sit on a harp or post. 

The most popular standard sizes from Fermoie:

3.4" Top x 4.5" Bottom x 4.5" Slant
4" Top x 6" Bottom x 5" Slant
5" Top x 8" Bottom x 6" Slant
6" Top x 10" Bottom x 7" Slant
7" Top x 12" Bottom x 8" Slant
8.5" Top x 14" Bottom x 9" Slant
10.5" Top x 16" Bottom x 10.5" Slant
12" Top x 18" Bottom x 12" Slant
13" Top x 20" Bottom x 13" Slant

Where can I see all of the sizes and colors? 

We have two collections of Fermoie Lampshades on our website where you can view all of the colors and the available sizes:
Fermoie In-Stock
Fermoie Made-To-Order

A row of colorful lampshades from Fermoie

How long do they take to get?

We stock a large selection of the best selling colors and sizes right here at our shop in Newport, Rhode Island. If we don't have the lampshade you are looking for, Fermoie will make it to order in about 4 weeks. 

I need help picking a color...

We have fabric samples of all the colors and we will FedEx them to you for free! Just let us know which colors you want to see.  
The collection includes a wonderful range of Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Blues and Greens - in addition to selection of neutrals. We understand that sometimes too many options can make coming to a decision tricky. We find that a good way to approach the process is to first determine what size lampshade you need and second to consider color. Perhaps you want to pull a color out of the lamp, or another component of your space such as the carpet or wallpaper. 

Wall of Fermoie fabric samples

I need help picking a size...

Read our quick tutorial Lampshades 101 for a crash course on lampshades.


Diagram of Lamp and Lampshade

Still not sure? We speak lampshade and would love to help. A text message or email with a photo of your lamp and shade is a great place to start:

Talk 401-847-0228
Text 401-450-5706
Write info@newportlampandshade.com

Images, inspiration and information for this article was sourced from Fermoie, House & Garden and BOYAC

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